Kenny Herold on the 5 Top Challenges of Restoring Buildings

Kenny Alan Herold

March 11, 2021

5 Top Challenges of Restoring Buildings

As a professional restoration carpenter, Kenny Herold has a passion when it comes to bringing old buildings back to life. He has cultivated this passion from an interest in historical buildings at an early age. Kenny enjoyed old buildings when he was younger so he naturally gravitated to a career in building restoration. After incorporating his carpentry and restoration skills together, Kenny Herold embarked on new challenges in his career. Never shying away from challenges, Kenny found building restoration very rewarding.


Kenny Herold Works With Challenging Restorations

There are various pitfalls to take notice of when restoring older buildings because the structure and interior may have age damage and need to be dealt with carefully. Kenny Herold has worked on many projects through the years and is a highly experienced carpenter. He has successfully restored buildings of historical significance as well as more modern structures. Some challenges included in this type of restoration are:


Avoiding Irreparable Damage to the Structure – Some challenging repairs and restorations can damage the building being worked on. It is important to be well organized and have plans to avoid damages to complicated restorations.


Unnecessary Additions – Doing additions to a historical home can reduce the value and make the building lose its historical significance. Kenny Herold is committed to maintaining the quality and original design of the buildings he features.


Working With Hazardous Materials – Many older buildings may have hazardous materials like asbestos in them that need removal. This can be a challenge and an extra cost to consider.

Replacing Instead of Repairing – There may be a temptation to cut corners and save some money when doing expensive restorations, but imperfect patch jobs may decrease the value. Kenny Herold pays attention to details in his restoration projects and prefers to deliver quality work.


Working With Building Codes – Some older buildings can be challenging to restore within contemporary building codes. With creative methods and working with the local government, the restoration will be able to stay in code while not damaging the building.


Kenny Herold Is Committed to Quality Building Restoration

Kenny Herold has a portfolio of beautifully restored homes and buildings he has worked on throughout his career. He takes pride in all of his projects and making sure his clients are satisfied with his restoration work. His long-time passion for carpentry has led to a successful career in the building restoration field.