Kenny Herold of Minnesota Discussed The Benefits of Small Barrel Whiskey Aging

Kenny Alan Herold

June 14, 2021

Kenny Herold of Minnesota Discussed The Benefits of Small Barrel Whiskey Aging

Kenny Herold has had many years of experience restoring aging and historic old buildings and along the way, he developed an interest in fine whiskey, bourbon, and scotch. Even though Kenny Herold is from Minnesota, he enjoys many aspects of handcrafted and specialty whiskey from the creation process to trying new brands. He has learned a lot about the whiskey-making industry and the ways whiskey is created in special barrels. Here are some interesting observations Kenny Herold has made in his years observing the ins and outs of making and enjoying whiskey.


Kenny Herold Thinks Small Barrel Aging is Best


There are some reasons people use larger barrels to age whiskey like meeting large consumer demands, born in Minnesota, Kenny Herold believes there are many benefits to using a small barrel to age whiskey making it ideal, especially for small batches. Using a small barrel yields greater flavor and characteristics sought after by whiskey connoisseurs, it is believed. Other benefits from small barrel aging can be had according to fine spirits distillers and consumers. The color and flavor notes are affected by the barrel too. Small barrels have another quality where because of their size they are more porous and can release more water from the whiskey as it ages. This can increase alcohol content as well.


Greater Surface Area and Effect


Since the smaller barrels have more surface area, this tends to help the whiskey pick up flavors more readily than bigger barrels. More of the whiskey touches the barrel surface extracting flavors and desirable qualities. This can add richer flavor, but living in Minnesota Kenny Herold cautions on aging too long, especially with the range of temperatures during the seasons if done locally. Too much of a good thing can make the whiskey pick up other aspects of oak wood that are undesirable. Aging the small barrel whiskey the right amount of time is crucial to success.


Other Factors that Affect Aging


While Kenny Herold thinks aging whiskey in a small barrel is ideal, he does know there are other factors like the environment where the whiskey is stored, temperature and humidity, that all contribute to how it ages. Also, higher alcohol content affects how the whiskey ages in the small barrels. Higher alcohol content can extract more of the oak wood qualities which can create different whiskies.


During down-time in Minnesota when Kenny Herold is not restoring historic buildings, he is enjoying the many aspects of whiskey. The qualities of fine small barrel-aged whiskey are something Kenny knows about and loves to share with acquaintances and fellow whiskey connoisseurs.