Kenny Herold Leads by Example and Hammer and Nails

Kenny Alan Herold

January 15, 2021

Kenny Herold (20)

White Bear Lake, MN / Kenny Herold says what he means, and he does what he says he is going to do, and from carpentry to restoring history, for restoration carpenter Kenny Herold, that means leading by example. From day one, Kenny Herold knew he wanted to build, and today those dreams are being realized in ways even Kenny Herold never imagined as a youth.


With the combination of savvy business decisions, hard work, and a rare level of expertise, Kenny Herold built a construction business that became the vehicle he has used to pursue his childhood dreams and embrace his passion for history and restoration. It is that passion and his restoration work that has also become an example for others to follow.

Kenny Alan Herold (13)

From Minnesota’s historic cities like its capital St. Paul to places like Boston, Kenny Alan Herold’s work, craftsmanship, and passion for restoration can be seen in many of its beautiful and historic buildings and landmarks. Not only an expert carpenter but also a historian at heart, and from the days he spent as a child vacationing with his parents, Kenny Herold now focuses primarily on the art and work of preservation.


Today, Kenny Herold leads by example, and hammer and nails, as he can be found consulting restoration projects and helping preserve historic buildings and sights. Kenny Herold is also just as likely to be found on the job site leading with hammer and nails, still actively working alongside his crew with a tool belt strapped to his hip.


From restoring the structural integrity of aging buildings to preserving the integrity of the history they hold, Kenny Herold doesn’t only talk about his love of history and so many of its amazing buildings, he backs it up with action. Leading by example, Kenny Herold has made his love of history more than a hobby it has become a big part of his business.


Life isn’t all about work, teaching others, and chasing history, however, as this native Minnesotian also enjoys many other activities, like golfing and fishing. And carrying on the tradition that born his passion for history and architecture, Kenny Herold also enjoys taking his family on vacations, often stopping to show his children the beauty and history of the wonderous constructs of ages past – and that became a big part of the man he is today.