Kenny Alan Herold Reveals his Tried and True Techniques for Restoring Old Buildings

Kenny Alan Herold

December 15, 2020

Kenny Alan Herold Restoring Old Buildings

Kenny Herold, a longtime carpenter specializing in restoring historic buildings, has seen it all when it comes to renovating old homes.

White Bear Lake, MN / With a historic building, you only get one chance to make a quality restoration without destroying the historic aspects of the home, so hiring a seasoned professional like Kenny Alan Herold is paramount. Here are some tips Kenny Herold has learned over the years.

Kenny Alan Herold Recommends Prioritizing the Practical Before the Aesthetic

Most old buildings were built very differently from modern construction. Before moving forward with a rehabilitation make sure the structure of the house is sound and up to modern safety standards. That includes checking the foundation of the house to make sure it can support the weight of your restoration. If you plan to remove walls or relocate rooms you may need an engineer to help make your vision a reality. 

Have qualified professionals evaluate the plumbing and electrical work in the house. If the house hasn’t been touched in a while it will likely need some updates in this department. Plumbing and electrical work can be expensive so get quotes before you finalize your budget. 

Honor the History of the Building with These Tips from Kenny Alan Herold

Kenny Alan Herold (6)When restoring a building of historic significance, your style and preferences should enhance the history and character of the building rather than overshadow it. To do that it’s important to understand the building’s past. That includes understanding the era from which the building originated, and the trends and styles of that time so that you can incorporate those elements into your restoration. If the building has historic meaning, such as belonging to a famous person or being part of a historically significant event, research that history and find ways to make it part of the home’s future. 

Former owners of the building, local historians, and local historical societies can all provide valuable information about the history of your building. If a famous person occupied the home, incorporate elements important to them or their era into the building. If there was a significant event, pay homage to the era of that event. This isn’t as difficult as it may seem, Kenny Herold explains, and can be accomplished by simple historic research online or at your local library. 

Follow All Regulations, Kenny Alan Herold Warns

Many local governments have regulations meant to protect historic buildings. If you’re not familiar with those regulations you could end up with some stiff penalties when you least expect them. Be proactive about making sure you honor all local codes and maintain the integrity of the building. 

Restoring an old building comes with a responsibility to honor the building’s history. Carpenter Kenny Alan Herold has a resume full of successful restorations and knows how to navigate this complex process.