Kenny Alan Herold Discusses Why Building Preservation is So Important

Kenny Alan Herold

December 30, 2020

White Bear Lake, MN / Kenny Alan Herold is a well-respected carpenter with years of experience working on many projects. He has become an expert in building restoration in recent years and a major proponent of its many benefits. Understanding these advantages is crucial for a town that may be considering tearing down an old building instead of making it new again.

Building Preservation Helps Everyone, Kenny Alan Herold Argues

Although it does cost a lot to preserve an old building, Kenny Herold believes that this cost is more than worth it. In his many years as an experienced carpenter, these projects have challenged him as he worked to make a building new again. And Kenny Herold finds that this process not only helps him financially but is also more rewarding for him and residents of a community.

For example, residents who have come to expect a building in their area may become very disappointed when it is torn down. Destroying a building is permanent, Kenny Herold says, and may cause concerns for the area if it is approached improperly. For example, some areas may not understand how they can contaminate the natural environment with building materials during destruction.

Critically, Kenny Herold also argues that renovation and preservation keep history alive in an area. This factor may not seem financially sound but is vital for a community attempting to preserve its identity. By destroying the past, Kenny Alan Herold argues that it is impossible to build up the future in a meaningful way.

Building Preservation Enhances a Downtown Area | Kenny Alan Herold

Critically, Kenny Alan Herold also believes that historical preservation also makes a downtown area more attractive. In large cities where the downtown district is often an important area for many visitors, a diverse range of architecture is likely to intrigue more people. And just as crucially, Kenny Herold believes that this approach will draw in more tourists and make an area more appealing.

Though some prefer newer buildings to old ones, Kenny Herold knows that a building preserved from the 1800s or earlier appeals in a way that the more contemporary offices do not. As a result, Kenny Herold believes that towns trying to appeal to a specific subset of tourists and investors succeed because they can point out these older buildings and show a dedication to preservation.

And while Kenny Alan Herold knows that some criticize building preservation as costly and inefficient, he believes it is more important to preserve history. By saving these buildings for future generations, it is possible to ensure that historians and future generations understand those who came before them in a more in-depth manner and better handle the demands that impact their lives.